Physician Anesthesiologist Prevents Parent’s Worst Nightmare

Just like the North Carolina General Assembly, many other state legislatures across the country are considering legislation that would remove the requirement of physician supervision of nurses.  In Michigan, SB 320 would propose to allow Certified Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) to practice without physician oversight. This proposal was concerning enough to one Michigan mother – a … Read More »

NC Mother Advocates for Physician Supervision

One North Carolina mother recently contacted the North Carolina General Assembly to plead for more physician supervision in nursing practice. Following the unnecessary and tragic death of her son Brody during a planned home birth, Ms. Davidson writes the following: Dear Legislator, I am writing to tell you about my son, Brody. In 2011, Brody … Read More »

The Mistake of a Lifetime

One of these moles is harmless, one of them is a life-threatening melanoma. Dermatologists train for more than a decade to know the difference. Melanoma is curable if it is caught early—so a correct diagnosis is literally the difference between life and death. SB695 and HB807 would allow nurses to diagnose skin cancer without back … Read More »

Who’s Who In Your Healthcare Team?

Healthcare is a team sport. Every player has the important role of providing access and managing costs. When it comes to safety, leadership of the healthcare team must remain with those with the highest level of education and training. Physician supervision is key to protecting North Carolina patients. For this reason, the Coalition opposes SB … Read More »

Naturopath Licensing Bills Put Patients at Risk

As crossover approaches at the North Carolina General Assembly it is possible that SB 118/HB 913 – Naturopathic Doctors Licensing Act may be debated. This legislation proposes to create a third classification of physician in North Carolina. Current law permits the licensure of Medical Doctors (MD) and Doctors of Osteopathy (DO) – both regulated by … Read More »

SB 695/HB 807 Puts Mothers and Newborns at Risk

North Carolina’s OB/Gyn doctors and Certified Nurse Midwives work side-by-side as partners to ensure that their patients – women and soon-to-be-born children – get the best and safest care possible. Cooperation and high standards of care are only enhanced by flexible, but necessary, physician supervision of nurse midwives. Physician OB/Gyns complete twice as many years … Read More »